The Contracts page displays all the contracts you have access to.

If you have access to more than one Contract, you can sort them by ascending or descending order by clicking in any of the given columns: Contract Name; Aviation Authority; Start Date; Aircraft Serial Number; Created On.

By clicking dropdown arrow, you can perform one of three actions:
  1. View the Contract's Summary - you are presented with the Contract's most relevant information, as well as related Aircraft's and Customer Engine Hour's main data.  In the summary screen, you are also able set or unset "Automatic Flight Hours Update" flag. When this is set, flight hours will be automatically updated and manual editing of engine hours related to the contract will be disabled.
  2. View Corporate Contacts - you are presented with the contact details from the Rolls-Royce personnel in charge of technical support, sales support and contractual & accounting support.
  3. View Documents - you are presented with a list of contractual documents that are related to the Contract. This page also provides the ability to open and download the said documents.

If you don't see the Contract you are expecting, contact your Region Customer Manager.