The Customer Engine Usage page displays all the recorded engine usage for every aircraft and contract you have access to. Two acronyms are commonly used in this page:

  • TSNTime Since New – Number of hours the specific engine/aircraft has flown since its production.
  • CSNCycles Since New - Number of cycles (one cycle refers to a combination of one lift-off and one landing) the specific engine/aircraft has flown since its production.

Engine Usage can be populated in one of the following ways:

  1. Automatically - the hours are automatically populated.  The setting for this can be found under Contract Summary screen, called "Automatic Flight Hours Update".  When set to Yes, manual update of engine hours for the aircraft related to the contract is disabled.
  2. Manually - When a new month starts, a Customer Engine Usage record related to the previous month will be automatically created.  You can then click the “Edit" button, and enter each engine’s TSN and CSN values. To report Monthly Lease Engine Usage, click on "Toggle Lease Hours", and the Monthly Lease Hours and Monthly Lease Cycles columns are then displayed.  To verify the monthly hours and cycles values, you can click on "Toggle Total Hours/Cycles".

Click on the Update button to submit the engine hours and cycles for the month.  The hours can continue to be updated up to 24 hours after first submission, after which it will be locked.

A few rules will be checked to help verify that the data is consistent:

  • The TSN and CSN values must be entered and not be lower than the previous month’s values.
  • Left engine’s hour usage (TSN + Lease hours) should match right engine’s usage (TSN + Lease hours).
  • Left engine’s cycle usage (CSN + Lease cycles) should match right engine’s usage (CSN + Lease cycles).
  • When there are monthly hours (increase in TSN or Lease hours) then there should be monthly cycles (increase in CSN or Lease Cycles) and vice versa.
         Click on the Cancel button to undo any changes not yet submitted.  

You can expand and collapse any of the customer engine usage records by the aircraft they are associated with (in the case where you have access to more than one contract). To do that, simply click on the arrow displayed on the left of each Aircraft's serial number.

You can sort the invoice records by ascending or descending order by clicking in any of the given columns: Aircraft Name; Month & Year; Engine1 TSN; Engine1 CSN; Engine2 TSN; Engine2 CSN;