The Invoices page displays all the invoices issued for all the contracts you have access to.

You can filter the invoice records by the contract you are associated with (in the case if you have access to more than one contract), the year that they relate to, or the related aircraft. To do that, you can simply enter data in any of the respective fields and click “Apply filters” button.

You can sort the invoice records by ascending or descending order by clicking in any of the given columns: Contract; Aircraft; Invoice Year; Invoice Month; Payment Due Date; Invoice Number; Total Amount; Total Amount including VAT; Paid by Credit Card.

By clicking the dropdown arrow for an invoice, you can perform one of two actions:

  1. Make Payment - you are redirected to a payment gateway, where you can authorise a payment via credit card. Once the payment is completed, you are redirected back to the Invoice page, where the newly paid invoice record’s “Paid by Credit Card” value is updated to “Yes” (update may take up to 5 minutes).

  2. Download Invoice - you can download the invoice PDF file directly to your own device.